Remote Temperature Sensor 



The Remote Temperature Sensor can provide temperature sensing for all VRV indoor units.  The Remote Temperature Sensor is wall mounted and is used to maintain the optimal operation of the connected indoor unit.

The Remote Temperature Sensor can be used in conjunction with the Navigation Remote Controller, Simplified Remote Controller, and the Wireless Remote Controller to sense space temperature outside of the indoor unit.

The location of the temperature sensor should provide a realistic sample of the space temperature in order to provide the optimum comfort level to the occupants.

  • Things that need to be considered are:
    • Indoor unit location
    • Will outside area be brought into the space and/or indoor unit
    • Ceiling heights
    • Control Scheme
    • Design and limitations due to architecture
    • Plenum air return


Basic Operation

  • Replaces indoor unit return air temperature sensor.
    • Senses room temperature for only one indoor unit




Installation Manual 1A

Installation Manual 1B