intelligent Touch Controller (iTC / iTouch) DCS601C71


The iTouch is our advanced centralized controller. It can control up to 64 indoor unit groups (128 indoor units). It has independent cool and heat setpoints for occupied and unoccupied conditions.

The iTouch Controller provides building owners, facilities/premises managers and maintenance operators refined and energy efficient control of Daikin VRVIII, VRV WIII, VRVIII-S and/or mixed VRVIII/VRV-IIIS/SkyAir indoor units. With its user friendly color icons and scheduling capabilities, this controller makes management of indoor units and other facilities equipment easy.  The iTouch Controller is linked directly to the system via a Daikin DIII-Net connection without the need for a PC. Supports centralized control remotely using a PC with a Web browser (Optional).

Basic Operation

  • Capable of controlling Zone(s) or Group(s) of up to 64 indoor unit groups (128 indoor units).
  • Group operations:
    • On/Off
    • Operation Mode (Cool, Heat, Fan, Dry)
    • Independent Cooling and Heating setpoints in the occupied mode
    • Independent Setup (Cooling) and Setback (Heating) setpoints in the unoccupied mode adjustable to 40 - 95°F (5 - 35°C)
    • Fan Speed
    • Airflow direction (dependent upon indoor unit type)
    • Setpoint Range Limitation
      • Remote controller permit/prohibit of On/Off, Mode, and Setpoint
    • Touch screen (display) lockout
    • Provides battery backup power for up to 2 years in total time for the clock.


  • Weekly schedule settings.
    • Selectable weekly patterns
    • 7-day, Weekday + Weekend (5 + 2), Weekday + Saturday + Sunday (5 + 1 + 1)
    • 8 independent schedules configurable with up to 8 events for each schedule
      • Each scheduled event includes On/Off, Operation Mode, Occupied Cooling Setpoint, Occupied Heating Setpoint, Setup (Cooling) Setpoint, Setback (Heating) Setpoint, Remote Controller On/Off Prohibit, Remote Controller Mode Prohibit, Remote Controller Setpoint Prohibit, and Timed Override Enable
  • Independent Cooling and Heating setpoints when unit is On (occupied)
  • Independent Setback setpoints Cool and Heat modes
    • 2 hour override for enabling indoor unit operation during the unoccupied period
  • A maximum of 40 exception days can be scheduled on the yearly schedule
    • Exception days will be used to override specified days on the weekly schedule based upon irregular occupied/unoccupied conditions
    • Exception days can be configured on a set date (Jan 1) or floating date (1st Monday in September)
  • Auto-changeover.
    • Individual, Fixed, and Averaging changeover methods for both Heat Pump and Heat Recovery systems based upon the Zone configurations. This will allow for the optimal room temperature to be maintained by automatically switching the indoor unit’s mode between Cool and Heat in accordance with the room temperature and setpoint temperature.
  • Interlock
    • Interlock feature for use with 3rd party equipment (DOAS, dampers, occupancy sensing, etc…) to automatically control groups or zones corresponding to the change of the operation states or the On/Off states of any group.
  • Requires Digital Input/Output (DEC102A51-US2) unit or Digital Input (DEC101A51-US2) unit
    • On/Off based monitoring and control of equipment
    • Manual or scheduled operation of equipment
    • Operation based upon interlock with VRV indoor unit group(s)
    • Monitor equipment error/alarm status
  • Supports force shutdown of associated indoor unit groups.

Software Options

Software options require licensing per option, per intelligent Touch Controller.