Simplified Remote Controller BRC2A71

The Simplified Remote Controller can provide control for all VRV indoor units.  The Simplified Remote Controller is wall mounted and can be adjusted to maintain the optimal operation of the connected indoor unit(s).

Basic Operation

  • Simple, compact and easy-to-operate unit
  • Controls a group of up to 16 indoor units.
  • Group operations:
    • On/Off, Operation Mode (Cool, Heat, Fan, Dry and Auto* (*with VRV Heat Recovery System))
    • Set fan speed
    • Indoor unit group assignment
    • Function key lockout (Mode / Fan Speed) via Optional Controller Face Plates (BRC2A71RU / BRC2A71R)
  • Error code display


Operation Buttons

  • ON/OFF
  • Operating mode selection
  • Temperature setting
  • Fan speed control