Unified ON/OFF Control 


Turns up to 16 groups of indoor units (max. 128 units) on/off (operation/stop) by individual group or all at once, and lets you check display of operation/malfunction at the same time.


  • 16 groups of indoor units can be operated simultaneously/individually.
  • Max 16 groups (128 indoor units) controllable
  • Up to 8 controllers can be connected (max 128 groups, 128 indoor units)
  • One slave Controller in separate location can be used for each Controller (2 Controllers)
  • Operating status indication (Normal operation, Alarm)
  • T1-T2 Terminals for group forced off
  • Max. wiring length: 3280ft (Total: 6560ft)
  • Combination with Central Remote Controller and Schedule Timer
  • Mounting Box (KJB212A) is necessary
  • Up to 3,280 ft. wiring distance between units
  • Up to 6,560 ft. wiring length (including all connections)