Lonworks® Interface



The Lonworks Interface provides control for all VRV, SkyAir indoor units, and Daikin RA and FTXS indoor units with the use of the KRP928BB2S RA Adapter. It is capable of handling a maximum of 64 indoor unit groups (128 indoor units) connected to a maximum of 10 outdoor units.

The Lonworks Interface can be used in conjunction with the BRC1E71/72 (Navigation Remote Controller), BRC2A71 (Simplified Remote Controller), or the BRC4C82/7E83/7F812/7E818/7E830 (Wireless Remote Controller), DCS601C71 (intelligent Touch Controller (iTC)) with or without the DCS601A72 (iTC DIII-Net Plus Adapter), and the DCM601A71 (intelligent Touch Manager (iTM)), with or without the DCM601A72 (iTM Plus Adapter) to control the same indoor unit group.




Basic Operation

The Lonworks Interface provides 2 Node Network Variables, 4 Common Network Variables for the DIII-Net communication bus, and 23 indoor unit Network Variables for each indoor unit that can be monitored/controlled via the Lonworks building management system (see the Interface for use in Lonworks Design Guide –ED72-333)

  • Capable of controlling up to 64 indoor unit groups (128 indoor units)
  • The Building management System can monitor and control the following group operations:
    • On/Off
    • Operation Mode (Cool, Heat, Fan, Auto)
    • Single setpoint setting for Cooling and Heating
    • Fan Speed
    • Remote controller permit/prohibit of On/Off, Mode, and Setpoint
    • Filter sign reset for indoor units
    • Disable the intelligent Touch Controller or intelligent Touch Manager
    • Forced off of indoor units
    • Forced Thermo-off of indoor units
    • Binding between the Lonworks Interface and the Lonworks building management system will be saved if power is lost.


Design Guide

Installation Manual


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