LV-Series Wall Mount

0.75 Ton to 2.0 Ton

Up to SEER 24.5 / HSPF 12.5

Prd Residential LE Series2


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Daikin’s LV-Series systems offer high energy saving features and comfort control with wall mount indoor units sophisticated in appearance or slim duct built-in units compact and concealed in design.

LV-Series Wall Mount

Daikin’s LV-Series Wall Mount Systems feature wall mounted units with a sophisticated appearance and a flat panel design. Packed with high energy-saving features, these modular, space-savings systems are ideal for single room enhancements and additions up to 1,460 square feet*.

 Indoor UnitsOutdoor UnitsStd. ControllerCapacity
Operation range-Cooling/Heating- ° F

LV Series 

Wall Mount 

Heat Pump

Up to 24.5 SEER

FTXS09LVJU RXS09LVJU ARC452A21 9,000 0 - 115 / 0- 77
with optional wind baffle
FTXS12LVJU RXS12LVJU ARC452A21 12,000 0 - 115 / 0- 77
with optional wind baffle
FTXS15LVJU RXS15LVJU ARC452A21 15,000 0 - 115 / 0- 77
with optional wind baffle
FTXS18LVJU RXS18LVJU ARC452A21 18,000 0 - 115 / 0- 77
with optional wind baffle
FTXS24LVJU RXS24LVJU ARC452A21 24,000 0 - 115 / 0- 77
with optional wind baffle

LV-Series Wall Mount

Key features include:

  • Increased energy efficiency savings with the Intelligent Eye function reducing heating or cooling operation during unoccupied periods
  • Effective heating and cooling throughout the room via wide angle louvers and  vertical and horizontal auto-swing functions
  • Undisturbed comfort with indoor operating sounds levels as low as 22 dB(A)
  • Peace of mind operation utilizing the programmable weekly timer to set up to four settings per day
  • Enhanced indoor air quality realized with the titanium photocatalytic air purifying filter

Ideal solution for spaces with:

  • Varying occupancy loads (such as living rooms or bedrooms)
  • Poor temperature control
  • Hot and cold spots
  • Uncomfortable sound levels