A hotel’s reputation is dependent on how welcome and comfortable guests feel during their stay - and Daikin has a ‘total solution’ for hotels to help you create that perfect ambience. Our cost-effective solutions can offer total control of hotel air conditioning, ventilation, and heating, with stylish yet silent, draft-free indoor units that promise a good night’s sleep.

Ultimate in control

Daikin offers customized hotel solutions that provide the ideal atmosphere for guests, allowing them to select their preferred temperature settings and enjoy heating, cooling and fresh air, all with whisper quiet airflow.

Smart energy management

At the same time, hotel owners need full control of energy use. A Daikin intelligent controller can adjust the system when bedrooms are vacant or windows are opened, so you can maintain absolute control over your running costs and environmental impact.

Integrated heat recovery

Integrated solutions offer zone-by- zone control of hospitality areas and guest bedrooms.