VRV Controls Solution

The VRV Controls Network is made up of individual zone controllers, multi-zone controllers, advanced multi-zone controllers, central controllers and open protocol network devices that transmit information via the DIII-Net, Daikin's unique communication transmission system. The VRV Controls Network supports operation monitoring, scheduling, error e-mail distribution, general user software, tenant billing, maintenance support, and integration with Building Management Systems (BMS) using open protocol via BACnet, Lonworks and Modbus interfaces; all of which blend to provide the optimal control strategy for the best HVAC comfort solution.

Orchestrate and monitor temperature, time, airflow volume and more across your entire system at the touch of button.

Individual Controllers

BRC1E73 - Navigation Remote Controller

The Navigation Remote Controller has been improved to meet the needs of the growing VRV and SkyAir market. This controller will satisfy almost any controls requirement. The configurable display and operation buttons will provide as much or as little control as the project requires.




BRC1H71W-Madoka Remote Controller

The Madoka Remote Controller is a redesigned controller that retains the advanced functions for indoor unit control. The Madoka features a sleek and stylish design with an intuitive interface including touch button control. It can be commissioned and managed with ease through a Bluetooth® configuration app or via the onboard menus.



DTST-ONE-ADA-A – Daikin One+ Smart Thermostat

The Daikin One+ can control VRV system with the expansion of apps and programmable technology. Control your air remotely, all the time, with intelligent HVAC thermostats from Daikin.




AZAI6WSCDKA – Daikin DKN Cloud Wifi Adaptor

The DKN Cloud Wi-Fi Adaptor enables the remote control of your Daikin indoor units through an iOS/Android App. With the app, the DKN Cloud Wi-Fi Adaptor provides remote control and monitoring of indoor units’ ON/OFF, mode, set-point, fan speed, louver position, room temperature, and error alert status from an iOS/Android smartphone.




AZAI6WSPDKC–DKN Plus Interface

The new Daikin DKN Plus Interface enables the energy-efficient control of Daikin air conditioners by a third-party thermostat or an automation system. With this interface, third-party devices or systems can control the VRV, SkyAir, Single-Zone and Multi-Zone indoor units through the DKN NA App, Cloud API, Modbus®, BACnet™ MS/TP, or thermostat relay contacts.




BRC4C82/BRC7E818/BRC7E83/BRC7E830 - Wireless Remote Controller

The same operation modes and settings as with wired remote controllers are possible. A compact signal receiver unit (separate type) to be mounted into a wall or ceiling is included.



Advanced Multi-Zone Controllers

DCM601A71 - intelligent Touch Manager (iTM)

The intelligent Touch Manager (iTM) is an advanced multi-zone controller that controls and monitors the Daikin VRV system.  The iTM can also provide a cost -effective mini Building Management System (BMS) solution to integrate and control third party devices through option a software and hardware.  If a BMS exists, the iTM can be used as a BACnet gateway interface for BMS integration with the iTM BACnet Server Gateway option.




External Equipment Control

DCM009A51 - iTM BACnet™ Client Option

The iTM offers an advanced and cost-effective solution for building management system (BMS) applications. The iTM BACnet Client option provides more flexibility to enhance the iTM’s function as a mini BMS. With this option, the iTM is able to manage DOAS systems and other third party equipment through the BACnet/IP protocol. By registering equipment connected to a BACnet server as management points in the iTM, you can now monitor and control the equipment via the iTM.



750-831 - Daikin WAGO® BACnet™/IP Controller

The WAGO BACnet/IP Controller is a programmable controller that connects the WAGO I/O system to the BACnet protocol. This controller provides the three following functionalities:
Native server: BACnet objects are generated automatically for the DI, DO, AI, AO modules that are connected to the controller.
Application server: Other supported BACnet objects can be created via programming and made available to a BACnet network.
Application client: Using the client functionality, BACnet objects and the properties of the external equipment can be accessed.




60303535 - Daikin WAGO Basic I/O Kit

The WAGO Node integrates ancillary equipment into the Intelligent Touch Manager (iTM) DCM601A71 with the use of DI, DO, AI and AO signals. It provides monitoring and control of non-Daikin equipment via manual control, interlock, scheduling and remote access using iTM touch screen or web access.




Interface Solutions

DCM014A51 - iTM BACnet™ Server Gateway Option

With the iTM BACnet Server Gateway Option (DCM014A51), the iTM provides BMS integrators with the ability to monitor and/or control the VRV indoor and outdoor units, eliminating the need for an additional hardware interface. With the iTM BACnet Server Gateway Option, the operation data points for both the IDU (indoor unit) and ODU (outdoor unit) are also available to the BMS through BACnet.



DMS502B71 - Interface for use BACnet™

The BACnet Interface uses a standard open protocol based on ANSI/ASHREA Standard 135. The BACnet Interface has been certified by the BACnet Testing Laboratories (BTL). The BACnet Interface is compatible with BACnet IP (ISO16484-5).




DMS504C71 - Interface for LonWorks®

The Lonworks Interface provides control for all VRV, SkyAir indoor units, and Daikin RA and FTXS indoor units with the use of the KRP928BB2S RA Adapter. It is capable of handling a maximum of 64 indoor unit groups (128 indoor units) connected to a maximum of 10 outdoor units.




Button Sensor Kit (KRCSH2018-01)

The new Daikin Button Sensor Kit provides indoor temperature measurement with a compact and concealable design. It replaces the return air thermistor in the indoor unit and extends the sensing location to up to 40 feet away from the indoor unit. The surface of the button sensor is paintable to match wall color and to conceal from view.



DD15 INNCOM™ VRV Interface Module

Daikin and Honeywell® collaborated in developing a solution that couples INNCOM’s integrated guest room automation system with Daikin’s industry leading VRV solution. The developed INNCOM interface module (part number: DD15) seamlessly integrates the VRV indoor unit with the INNCOM thermostat and INNCOM Energy Management System (EMS).




Adapter is an interface required to connect the indoor unit with the central monitoring panel.



Legacy Controllers

BRC2A71 -Simplified Remote Controller

The Simplified Remote Controller can provide control for all VRV indoor units. The Simplified Remote Controller is wall mounted and can be adjusted to maintain the optimal operation of the connected indoor unit(s).




DCS601C71 - intelligent Touch Controller (iTC)

The iTouch is our advanced centralized controller. It can control up to 64 indoor unit groups (128 indoor units). It has independent cool and heat setpoints for occupied and unoccupied conditions.



DDCS302C71 - Central Remote Control

This central remote controller can operate and stop machines by either group or zone. Batch operation and batch stop functions are also available. When used in combination with the schedule timer (optional accessory), timer operation and stop functions are available.




DCS301C71 - Unified ON/OFF Controller

Turns up to 16 groups of indoor units (max. 128 units) on/off (operation/stop) by individual group or all at once, and lets you check display of operation/malfunction at the same time.



DST301BA61 - Schedule Timer

This Schedule Timer enables you to connect and control weekly schedule for up to 128 indoor units all together.