FDMQ - Ducted Concealed Heat Pump

ENERGY STAR® Certified

20.2 SEER / Up to 10.6



The FDMQ ducted concealed indoor unit expands on the current offering of single zone ducted systems by providing external static pressure capabilities of up to .6. With up to 20.2 SEER level, FDMQ ducted concealed indoor unit is ENERGY STAR® Certified.


Key features include:

  • Energy efficient – Up to 20.2 SEER
  • Up to 10.6 HSPF
  • Up to 12.7 EER
  • Available in .75 to 2 Tons
  • Capable of providing external static Pressures up to .6 in. Wg on all models
  • Integral lift mechanism with 29-9/16” of lift
  • Drain pan inspection port makes it easy to observe drain pan conditions
  • No optional adapter needed for DIII - connection
  • Link your unit into the wider Building management system
  • Low-ambient cooling capabilities down to -4°F (-20°C) with facility setting and air adjustment grille