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Light Commercial Thermostats

DT4272C & DT4273C

Daikin Digital Touchscreen Thermostat

The Daikin ColorTouch thermostats has a high resolution full-color touchscreen displays with built in WiFi. Available with humidification and advanced dehumidification features including reheat and variable speed fan control with compatible HVAC systems.




D4271C & D4272C

Daikin Premium Thermostat

The Daikin Premium Thermostat offers simple operation for the most basic users along with the new option of adding connectivity through Wi-Fi. When the optional Wi-Fi module is added to the thermostat, users have the ability to use the free Skyport Cloud Services on their mobile devices. The thermostats also have a local API so that they may interface with many of the most popular home automation systems.





Premium Mini Wi-Fi Thermostat

The Daikin Premium Mini Wi-Fi Thermostat is an affordable solution for Daikin Light Commercial products. The new Wi-Fi thermostat provides advanced features that help save energy and provide ideal indoor comfort. Its compact size allows it to be unobtrusive in your space while still providing you with true control. Compatible with Amazon Alexa and provides a local API for 3rd party system integration.




TSTATD2152-2, TSTATD2100-2, TSTATD1100-2 & TSTATD1152-2

Daikin Value Thermostat

The Daikin Value Thermostat re designed for homeowners who want the security of having battery back-up power in addition to the system power in an affordable, easy-to-use thermostat with easy-view display.




250803400 & 250803600

AppStat™ BACnet Thermostat

The AppStat™ thermostats are a field-installed option used with Light Commercial systems –packaged and split rooftop units (RTUs) and heat pumps. The AppStat thermostats provide built-in control sequences and a BACnet MS/TP connection to integrate with a Building ManagementSystem (BMS).