Daikin offers a range of energy efficient and versatile solutions for all types of faith-based environments, including worship centers, offices, schools and activities areas. Based on low carbon, renewable energy heat pump technology, Daikin’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions will keep energy expenditures low, and help reduce the environmental impact of worship buildings where occupancy is highly variable. Daikin systems are renowned for being quiet, ideal for environments where peaceful surroundings and solitude are essential.

Complete control

Individual room control provides effective management of standby and comfort settings - moderating temperature, introducing fresh air and balancing humidity to create a comfortable, fresh and healthy indoor environment. Even within sections of common areas, like choir lofts and overflow balconies, Daikin’s flexibility in zoning makes comfort easier to achieve.

Energy management

Integrated heat recovery on multi-zone systems enables energy to be used as efficiently as possible, generating “free” cooling or warm air ventilation dependent upon season and actual application. Sections of the buildings can be scheduled and monitored remotely, from one central location, to minimize energy use.

  • Products are optimized for part load efficiency, important for highly variable occupancy
  • Variable Speed Inverter Compressor Technology can save up to 30% or more versus traditional On/Off compressor systems
  • Smart control of schedule timers & energy saving functions on our remote controls
  • Fresh air integration offers free cooling in mid-season

Compact Installation

Compact system components enable flexible installations even in existing structures. Often systems can be upgraded to Daikin Heat Pump systems, and additional space is then available for storage. Daikin’s low noise units have a small footprint, making them ideal for installation in tight areas where sound levels are important.