Daikin offers total versatility and control for banking environments, where multiple zones have different demands, by providing energy efficient commercial HVAC systems. Effective control of individual zones and units ensures that heating and cooling is only used where required, to reduce energy costs. Yet the system still provides optimum comfort whenever required, with consistent temperature and airflow distribution.

Complete control

Individual room/zone control provides effective management of standby and comfort settings - moderating temperature and humidity to create a comfortable indoor environment – while centralized monitoring of the entire commercial HVAC system optimizes energy efficiency.

Wide choice of indoor units

A wide choice of Daikin indoor units is available to suit any style and shape of room, so the system can be designed to suit your interior perfectly.

Compact installation

Internally, Daikin systems require minimal piping, so they offer space saving installation for refurbishment projects. Outside, Daikin’s low noise units have a small footprint, making them ideal for densely populated, built-up areas.