SkyAir Inverter Ducted

Prd Residential Daikin InverterDucted

A traditional central-air system made better with Daikin Constant Comfort inverter technology.

The Daikin Inverter Ducted line is a cost-effective alternative to traditional gas furnace/AC systems. The Inverter Ducted can be used in place of your old furnace, utilizing existing ductwork, or in new construction where individual zone control is not required. You get the comfort and energy savings advantages of Daikin’s Constant Comfort inverter technology, using a modern heat pump system to heat and cool.

Superior heating capacity in low-ambient conditions.

Older, traditional residential heat pump systems may require backup electric heating whenever the outside temperature is below 45°F. Daikin Inverter Ducted systems provide comfortable heating down to 0°F, with up to 100% capacity available as low as 14°F. They can also operate in cooling mode from 23°F to 115°F. In most climates, this makes installation easier since no supplemental electric heater needs to be installed.

Daikin Inverter Ducted systems are also energy efficient:

  • Available in ranges from 18,000  to 42,000 Btu/h
  • Vertical (Upflow) or Horizontal configurations
  • Up to SEER 20.0, EER 14.5 and HSPF 12.0
  • Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) Tier II rated (42 MBH Tier I rated)

Superior comfort and high energy efficiency

Inverter technology maintains the desired temperature by varying the speed of the compressor. Since the system runs longer in comparison to standard on/off systems in most environments, filtered air is nearly always flowing. This can eliminate large temperature swings and can help reduce humidity. A big benefit of Daikin Constant Comfort inverter technology is that almost continuous operation reduces the system’s energy consumption, just as a car is more efficient traveling on a highway than in stop-and-go traffic. Inverter compressors reduce power consumption as much as 30% compared to conventional fixed-speed equivalents.

Superior heating capacity in low-ambient conditions

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Traditional residential heat pump systems may require backup electric heating whenever the outside temperature is below 45°F. Daikin Inverter Ducted systems provide comfortable heating down to 0°F, with up to 100% capacity available as low as 14°F.

Electric heater options are available for applications where the heating design conditions are below 0°F, the customer requires emergency back up for piece of mind or the heating capacity requires a boost for those extreme cold design days. To optimize the heating performance, installation cost and operation cost of Daikin Inverter Ducted systems, two different methods may be selected:
Method 1 - Booster Heater
Method 2 - Electric Heater Only (Lockout)
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Worry-free Operation

A conventional system's hard starts generate heat and stress that can damage its vital components. A Daikin Inverter Ducted system starts softly, doesn't run in stop-start fashion and seldom needs to run at full speed. Its advanced compressor also has fewer parts to wear out. Daikin air-source heat pumps heat well even in low-ambient conditions, so there is no need to use and store fossil fuels.

Having no burner inside the house results in

  • Less maintenance
  • No risk of fire or gases from spilled fuel
  • No risk of injury from carbon monoxide emissions

Hear the Difference

Daikin Inverter Ducted systems have sound reducing features such as compressor sound attenuators, but they’re also quieter than conventional systems because they have fewer moving parts and rarely run at full speed. Utilizing inverter technology to maintain comfort settings, Daikin systems most often operate at low speeds with outdoor sound levels in the mid to high 50s dB(A).

Comfort and Control

The wired remote controller (BRC1E72) is provided as an accessory, and can be replaced with other control solutions. The wall mounted controller features a backlit LCD display as well as intuitive menus with displays available in English, French, or Spanish languages. Other functions include setpoint range limit, independent occupied and unoccupied (setback) heating and cooling setpoints, auto‐changeover with cooling and heating setpoints, and advanced scheduling functions (7‐Day).

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  • Schedule

A scheduling feature enhances flexibility by allowing three selectable weekly schedule pattern options: 7-Day, 5+2 (Weekday + Weekend) and 5+1+1 (Weekday+Saturday+Sunday).  The schedule supports up to 5 On/Off operations per day and has the ability to set new individual occupied or setback cooling and/or heating setpoints per operation.
  • Auto-changeover

    The Navigation Remote Controller features auto-changeover. Auto-changeover mode allows the optimal room temperature to be maintained without the user having to change the mode. It automatically switches the indoor unit's mode (heat or cool) according to both the room temperature and temperature setpoints. When in the heating mode, changeover to cooling mode shall occur at cooling setpoint + 1°F (0.5°C). When in the cooling mode, changeover to heating mode shall occur at heating setpoint – 1°F (0.5°C)

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Easy to Install

A Daikin Inverter Ducted outdoor unit is usually takes up less than half the space of an outdoor unit on a conventional system. It’s easy to handle, and less obtrusive outside the home.

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  • Reduced installation time with integrated electronic expansion valve and printed circuit boards
  • Volt-free float switch integration option
  • Corrosion-resistant coating on outdoor unit heat exchanger
  • Indoor fan coil unit with up flow or horizontal right configurations
  • Heating and Cooling Fan Auto mode can be configured separately
  • Dual-voltage 208-230V/1/60 Hz power supply
  • Optional electric resistance heat
  • Gravity-fed drain connection