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Daikin ENVi Intelligent Thermostat

The Daikin ENVi Intelligent Thermostat is the newest addition to Daikin's residential controls offerings. This wall mounted controller features a backlit LCD display and easy to understand menu items for all of your personal comfort settings - temperatures, weekly scheduling, vacation schedules, and even your weather forecast.

Best of all ENVi is WiFi enabled, so you can access it via the web using your tablet, smart phone or computer. You get your own personalized secure web interface to make any changes you want, from anywhere you may be.


envi indoor outdoor 1
Status Display

envi 78 deg 2
Temperature Settings

envi thursday awake at 2
Weekly Schedule

envi 4 day weater forcast
Weather Forecast


The Daikin ENVi is Wi-Fi enabled, so you can make adjustments to your thermostat away from home using your tablet, computer, or smart phone. The ENVi has an easy-to-read high-resolution color display and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to setup your personalized program, adjust your settings and create new vacation events, anytime and from anywhere.


Did you know that using your ENVi thremostat's weekly schedule can provide energy savings for you? It is one of the easiest ways to reduce your energy consumption and save money on your utility bills.


When you get a Daikin ENVi thermostat, we'll also provide you with access to your own personal and secure web page to manage all aspects of your ENVi thermostat. And if you like that, there's also no annual fee which you're sure to love


The ENVi has a built-in live weather function and uses advanced algorithims so you can be sure your thermostat is always saving the most energy possible. Automatic alerts and reminders notify you when your Daikin equipment is due for service, if there is an equipment malfunction or when its time to change your filter.



  • Cool, Heat, and Auto modes with dual setpoints
  • Fan On/Auto, Fan Speed, and Louver direction
  • Weekly scheduling
  • Setback control
  • Optimum start
  • Hold, Quick save, and Vacation settings
  • Error code with plain text explanation
  • Wi-Fi enabled - accessible through PC web, smart phone/Tablet
  • Dealer Web Portal - Alert Email and Trend Graph
  • AUX heater control


  • Room temperature/relative humidity display
  • Outdoor temperature and weather forecast


  • Backlit
  • Fahrenheit/Celcius selectable
  • Current operation status
  • Room temperature senso
  • Dealer/Contractor Note: The Daikin ENVi can be used on any system where the BRC944 wired control is applicable
  • for use with indoor unit models: CDXS, CTXS, FDXS, FTXS, FTXN

ENVi Screensaver





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Daikin ENVi Installation Presentations and Videos

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