Energy Recovery Ventilator (VAM_GVJU)


This product is designed to maintain good indoor air quality by providing sufficient levels of fresh outside air and recover waste heat from extracted air leaving the conditioned zone. This new ERV unit is fully compatible with Daikin’s DIII-NET communications.

  • Provides energy saving heat recovery ventilation via a new heat exchanger with high temperature and enthalpy recovery efficiency
  • Superior performance such as high static pressure with a high efficiency fan and the capability for use in a wide range of climates (5 to 122°FDB and 80% RH or less)
  • Unique functions such as independent operation, interlock with other HVAC systems and automatic night purge to reduce cooling loads and increase energy savings
  • Interlocked simultaneous operation with VRV indoor units through a single controller
  • Auto mode switches the ventilation mode (total heat exchange mode to bypass mode) according to the operating status of air conditioner system
  • Pre-cooling/heating control function to delay the start of ventilation during air conditioner start-up for higher energy savings
  • Supply and exhaust fresh-up operation modes to control pressure within a space
  • Improves IAQ by removing harmful contaminates and particulate
  • Filter sign and display reset notifies when filter changes are required
  • Temperature recovery efficiency up to 74%
  • Enthalpy recovery efficiency up to 65%
  • ESP as high as 0.76” W.G.
  • Sound levels as low as 25.5 dB(A) for sound sensitive installation locations