DVS Dedicated Outside Air System Air Handling Unit for VRV Systems


Daikin DVS Dedicated Outside Air System (DVS - DOAS AHU) is designed for seamless integration with VRV air cooled heat recovery outdoor units and controls to provide conditioning of 100% outside ventilation air.

Models, with nominal 1,000, 2,000 and 3,000 CFM air flow rates, can be configured with pre-treatment, cooling, reheat and heating components to be applied to a wide variety of commercial applications desiring the advanced features that VRV offers.

  • Designed to condition outside air so the comfort system can operate to meet the internal loads while the DVS DOAS AHU’s for VRV Systems conditions the outside air and can also deliver neutral air to the space
  • Energy Recovery Wheel section can reduce the mechanical cooling capacity of the system compared to a system without the ERW section
  • Auxiliary heat available in modulating gas heat, SCR controlled electric heat or hot water
  • DVS DOAS AHU’s can be integrated into the same intelligent Touch Manager (iTM) as the comfort cooling and heating VRV system
  • Piping connections between the DVS DOAS AHU’s and the VRV outdoor units can be made outside
  • Air flow ranges from 670 to 4,000 cfm allow for flexibility in design