Vertical Air Handling Unit (FXTQ_PAVJU)


Concealed, Powerful, Compact, Comfortable

The vertical air handling unit is designed for use with all Daikin VRV systems, allowing more flexibility and combination possibilities. With a capacity range from 12 to 54 MBH and both upflow and horizontal right installation possibilities, the unit is ideal for both residential and light commercial applications.



  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Multi-family residences
  • Single-family residences
  • Reduced installation time with integrated Electronic Expansion Valve and Printed Circuit Boards
  • Improved application flexibility with the ability to mix and match with other Daikin indoor units on the same system
  • Wider application range with dual voltage 208-230V/1ph/60Hz power supply
  • Reduced piping cost with smaller piping diameters
  • Only up flow and horizontal right installation is permitted
  • Improved user comfort with 2 selectable fan speeds (H and L)
  • New fan "Auto" logic allowing the unit to be commissioned where the fan operation will cycle on and off with the load
  • The ECM fan motor as standard contributes to the increase in energy efficiency, reduction in sound and increased ESP (up to 0.5" W.G.)
  • Ideal replacement for traditional fan coils or vertical stack units
  • New construction or replacement

Electric Heater Options

FXTQ chart lg
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The FXTQ_PAVJU represents an improvement in electric heater options and control logic versus previous units:

  • Wide line up of electric heat (field installed) options from 3kW to 20kW
  • Integrated KRP1 function to minimize cost
  • Electric heater operation in combination with heat pump operation (boost) is now possible
  • Reduced operational deadband