intelligent Touch Manager (iTM) DCM601A71


The intelligent Touch Manager™ is capable of serving as a BACnet interface for Building Management System (BMS) integration. With the iTM BACnet Server Gateway Option (DCM014A51), the iTM provides BMS integrators with the ability to monitor and/or control the VRV indoor and outdoor units, eliminating the need for an additional hardware interface.

Moreover, with the latest software update to the iTM 2+ (v2.07), the iTM is able to serve as a service tool to access indoor and outdoor unit operation data. With the iTM BACnet Server Gateway Option, the operation data points for both the IDU (indoor unit) and ODU (outdoor unit) are also available to the BMS through BACnet .

ITM Display

  • The intelligent Touch Manger has a backlit 10.4” LCD display.
  • Information can be displayed in English, French, Italian, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, German, or Spanish.
  • The choice of 3 different screen savers.
  • Area and Group configuration
    • Area contains one (1) or more Area(s) or Group(s)
    • A Group may be an indoor unit, Di, Dio point that has a DIII-NET address
  • The Controller displays On/Off, Operation Mode, Setpoint, Space Temperature, Louver Position, Fan Speed for each Area or Group.
  • Displays date and day of the week along with the time of day
  • Adjust for daylight savings time (DST) automatically.
  • System status icons displays On/Off (color coded), Malfunction/Error (color coded), Forced Stop, Setback, Filter, Maintenance, and Screen Lock.
  • Display of temperature setpoint and room temperature information configurable for Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Error status displayed in the event of system abnormality/error with one of three color coded icons placed over the indoor unit icon or lower task bar.
  • Error history stores up to 500,000 errors/abnormality events
  • Floor plan layout
    • Capable of displaying site floor plan as the background for visual navigation. Indoor unit, DIII-Net Di and Dio, and External Di, DO, and Ai icons with operational status can be placed on the floor layout
    • Up to 60 floor layout sections can be created

BACnet Client Option

BACnet Client (DCM009A51) Option is a cost-effective solution for building management systems (BMS) applications. The DCM009A51 provides more flexibility to enhance the iTM’s function as a mini-BMS system. With this new option, the iTM can manage DOAS systems, Daikin DZK, and other third-party equipment through the BACnet IP protocol. By registering the equipment connected to a BACnet server as management points in the iTM, you can now monitor and control the equipment via the iTM.


  • Cost-effective BMS solution
  • Direct connection on the iTM using the BACnet IP protocol
  • Integrated control of Daikin VRV systems and Daikin Applied systems
  • Monitors and controls third-party equipment
  • Easy commissioning with pre-engineering tool
  • Monitoring via Graphical User Interface (GUI)

    iTMBAC Diagram

BACnet Server Gateway Option

The intelligent Touch Manager is now capable of serving as a BACnet interface for Building Management System (BMS) integration. The iTM BACnet Server Gateway Option (DCM014A51) will provide BMS integrators with the ability to monitor and control the VRV indoor units via the BACnet/IP protocol. The iTM BACnet Server Gateway Option, eliminates the need for an additional hardware interface for the BMS to monitor and control VRV system. The iTM BACnet Server Gateway Option will provide seamless control logic integration between the iTM and BMS.


  • Additional service data points are now available*:
    – 6 new IDU service data points
    – 9 new common ODU service data points and 22 new service data points for each ODU module
  • Direct connection on iTM using the BACnet /IP Protocol
  • BACnet virtual router function implemented:
    – Individual BACnet device ID assigned to each indoor unit group address and each outdoor unit
    – Indoor unit group names created in the iTM are visible on the BMS
  • Easy commissioning using CSV file
    – Available objects can be configured for each indoor unit
  • Supports Change of Value (COV) notifications to the BMS
  • Configurable as a BACnet foreign device if a BBMD exist on a different subnet within a BACnet network
  • Independent heating and cooling setpoints for occupied and unoccupied periods
  • Individual min/max Setpoint Range Limitation for heat and cool modes
  • The iTM’s auto changeover, setpoint range limitation, setback, dual setpoint logic and schedule can be accessed by the BMS
  • Up to 128 Device IDs (including both indoor units and outdoor units) and up to 4000 BACnet objects can be monitored and controlled by BMS.
    – When the IDU/ODU operation data is enabled a total of 128 devices and 4000 BACnet points are available
  • Up to 7 iTM Plus Adapters can be connected to an iTM for a total of 8 DIII-Net ports

    iTMBAC Diagram

Basic Operation

  • Capable of controlling by Area(s) or Group(s)
  • Group operations:
    • On/Off
    • Operation Mode (Cool, Heat, Fan, Dry, and Auto)
    • Setpoint for current mode in the occupied period
    • Setpoint Range Limitation
    • Relative Setback for Cool and Heat modes during the unoccupied periods adjustable from 2 - 12°F (1 - 7°C)
      • The high and low relative setback setpoints
  • Fan Speed
  • Louver direction (dependent upon indoor unit type)
  • Remote controller permit/prohibit of On/Off, Mode, and Setpoint
  • Lock out setting for intelligent Touch Manager display
  • Provides battery backup power for the clock at least 1 year when no AC power is applied.


  • Support weekly schedule settings.
    • 7 day weekly pattern
    • 100 independent schedules configurable with up to 20 events for each days schedule
    • Each scheduled event includes On/Off, Operation Mode, Occupied Setpoint, Pre-Cool, Pre-Heat, Setback High, Setback Low, Remote Controller On/Off Prohibit, Remote Controller Mode Prohibit, Remote Controller Setpoint Prohibit, Timer Extension Setting, Fan Speed, and Setpoint Range Limit
  • Relative Setback setpoints for Cool and Heat when unit is Off (unoccupied)
    • Timer Extension used for a timed override (settable from 30 – 180 minutes) to allow indoor unit operation during the unoccupied period
  • A maximum of 40 exception days can be scheduled on the yearly schedule (repeats yearly)
    • Exception days will be used to override specified days on the weekly schedule based upon irregular occupied/unoccupied conditions
    • Exception days can be configured on a set date (Jan 1) or floating date (1st Monday in September)
  • Auto-changeover
    • Auto-changeover provides Fixed, Operating, and Averaging changeover methods for both Heat Pump and Heat Recovery systems based upon the changeover group configuration.  This will allow for the optimal room temperature to be maintained by automatically switching the indoor unit’s mode between Cool and Heat in accordance with the room temperature and setpoint
  • Interlock control
    • Interlock feature for use with 3rd party equipment (DOAS, dampers, occupancy sensing, etc…) to automatically control Groups or Areas corresponding to the change of the operation states or the On/Off states of any Group.
    • Digital Input/Output (DEC102A51-US2) unit or Digital Input (DEC101A51-US2) unit
      • On/Off based monitoring and control of equipment
      • Manual or scheduled operation of equipment
      • Operation based upon interlock with VRV indoor unit group(s)
      • Monitor equipment error/alarm status
  • Supports forced shutdown of associated indoor unit groups.
  • Web/Email Function
    • Each intelligent Touch Manager is capable of monitoring, operating, and scheduling a maximum of 64 indoor unit groups (up to 512 indoor unit groups with the addition of the iTM Plus Adapter) from a networked PC’s web browser.  It is capable of creating general user access and sending detailed error emails to a customized distribution list (up to 10 email addresses).
      • All PCs are field supplie            

Software Options

Software options require licensing per option, per intelligent Touch Manager